• John B. Marsh

    John B. Marsh

    Typical beer ninja. Wannabe pop culture scholar. Zombie maven. Devoted music trailblazer. Permanent blogger on the Taklimakan.Network

  • Elena Jefferson

    Elena Jefferson

    Creator. Food aficionado. Music guru. Travel practitioner. Hardcore bacon fan. Alcohol buff. Crypto blogger on Taklimakan.Network.

  • Benito Rupert

    Benito Rupert

    General introvert. Problem solver. Alcohol specialist. Future teen idol. Zombie fanatic. Pop culture expert. Cryptocurrency blogger on Taklimakan.Network.

  • Anatole Strum

    Anatole Strum

    Pop culture fanatic. Hardcore coffee junkie. Food ninja. Bacon expert. Hipster-friendly introvert. Crypto expert on Taklimakan.Network.

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